Located in Park Slope, Pacific Tavern is a purveyor of fine American dining from the esteemed Chef Billy Lang.

Photos by Frederick Mergenthaler


We want you to rest assured whenever you drop your dog off at Pup's Day Out they will be receiving the best dog daycare out there! Pup's Day Out was started by and for dog lovers to make sure your dog is getting the exercise and socialization they want and need. Whether your high energy lab is itching to play fetch a few times during the day, or your lonely poodle is in need of some doggy friends, we can accommodate all sizes and energy levels.

What makes us different? We will never charge you for additional one on one attention. We will be offering fetch to those dogs who prefer that type of play at no additional cost.

NO NAPS. Pup's Day Out has a no nap policy. Your dog will never be crated or kenneled and we only use the boarding rooms in the case of dogs needing a calm down period.

We pride ourselves on being different and offering your dog a personalized style of daycare and will separate dogs based on size and temperament into one of our great play areas.


Phone & Fax




74 5th Avenue
at St. Marks Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217



M-F 7am–7pm
Sa 9am–6pm